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Ordering Shutter Parts

In partnership with, we offer a wide variety of shutter parts and shutter repair parts for your wood plantation shutters.  Replacing broken and damaged shutter parts is something the average person can do, and it does not require any special tools.

Shutter Parts Terminology

Shutter Louvers:

shutter parts louver replacement kit

Louvers are sometimes referred to as Slats.  They are installed horizontally within the panel and can be moved to control light and privacy.  Nylon pins or wood dowels are found at each end of the louvers. These pins keep the louvers within the panel and allow them to rotate.  Broken or damaged louvers are easily replaced with our Louver Replacement Kit.  When mishandled, sometimes the louver pins can break. When this occurs, re-attaching the louver is accomplished using our special spring loaded louver repair pin.

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Shutter Tilt Rod:shutter parts tilt rod replacement kit

This shutter part can be found in the center of the panel and is attached to all the louvers. Moving the tilt rod up and down will move all the louvers at the same time. Replacing this shutter part, when damaged, is easily accomplished with our Tilt Rod replacement kit.

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Shutter Staple Connectors:shutter parts staples

As far as shutter parts go, this is the most common item that requires attention.  Shutter staples come in basically two different widths (3/16", 1/4"), and  four different lengths ( 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8").  Easy to follow instructions will guide you in the simple task of replacing them.   

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Shutter Repair Kitshutter parts repair kits

If you just need just a few items this is the most economical way to purchase them. Each kit contains an assortment of different size staples, nylon pins, repair pins, tension washers, panel screws, and shutter repair instructions.

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Shutter Hinges shutter parts hinges

Replacing old unsightly hinges can greatly improve the appearance of your plantation shutters.  They now come in a wide variety of finishes such as white, brass, nickel, brush nickel, pewter, oil rubbed bronze, just to name a few. Replacing these shutter parts is very easy.  All hinge orders come with a full compliment of finished screws for installation.

shutter parts shutter hardwareshutter parts shutter hardwareshutter parts shutter hardware shutter parts shutter hardware shutter parts shutter hardware

Order plantation shutter hinges

Nylon Shutter Pins: shutter parts nylon shutter pins

These are the pins that can be found at each end of a louver. They hold the louver in place, and allow it to rotate within the panel. Nylon pins are used during the construction of the shutter.  If a pin was to break, re-installing a louver back into a panel would require a special spring loaded repair pin. See below.

Order shutter nylon louver pins

Louver/ Slat Repair Pinsshutter parts repair pin

This shutter part allows you to re-install a louver back into into a finished panel.  When a panel is constructed, it is glued together at the corners making it impossible to take a apart. Getting a louver back into a panel requires this special repair pin which is spring loaded.  Depress the pin back into itself so it is flush with the inside of the frame.  Pass the louver over the pin until it finds the hole at the end of the louver.  When this occurs the pin will pop into the hole and secure the louver.

Order shutter louver repair pins

Shutter Magnets shutter parts magnets

These shutter parts perform the important function of keeping your shutter panels closed.  The shutter magnet is attached to the window sill or shutter frame with two screws. The strike plate is attached to the shutter panel with one screw. When replacing shutter magnets simply use the existing screw holes in the window sill and panel from your old magnet and strike plate.

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Shutter Catches

shutter parts catches

This shutter part also keeps your shutter panels closed. Unlike the magnets listed above, these shutter parts use a button-clasp connection. The button is attached to the shutter panel.  The clasp is attached to the window sill or shutter frame.  When the button is pushed into the clasp, the clasp spreads and clips on to the button, thus securing the panels. Catches are a preferred type of closing device for shutter panels mounted on French Doors because they are a bit more secure.

Order Shutter Catches

Shutter Knobs Knob and Hook Set 1/2 inch diameter - Brass Finish

Shutter knobs are mostly decorative in nature on interior wood shutters.  Functionality comes into play when shutter knobs contain a hook.  Shutter panels can be kept closed by using this hook which pivots at the base of one knob, and is attached to the opposite knob. 

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